Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso has witnessed a dramatic increase in violence in the last seven years. This violence is becoming increasingly diffuse throughout the territory and is transforming in character. National and international institutions are investing heavily in the security response, with little attention to the underlying reasons and long-term processes that enable and exacerbate this violence. Recognizing that sustainable solutions for peace require local ownership, it is more than necessary to initiate an analysis of this situation and create an environment conducive to common understanding and synergy of action towards peacebuilding and rebuilding the fabric of social cohesion.

Our work in Burkina Faso has resulted in an analysis of the factors of conflict and national resilience, alongside an agenda for peace. This document, which incorporates the observations made by the population, is both informative and a decision-making tool for all those involved in the crisis in Burkina Faso.

Concrete actions are now being implemented on important issues such as security, social cohesion, mental health, land tenure and natural resource management.


Interpeace’s goal is to implement a process through which the population of Burkina Faso can openly express, in their own terms, how they understand the current threats to peace and security in their country and how they are addressing these challenges, with a view to design programmes and policies to sustain peace in the long term.


Strengthening the psychosocial well-being of people affected by the security crisis for resilience and sustainable peace in Burkina Faso

Strengthening and integrating peacebuilding approaches in security governance

Brick by brick: strengthening social cohesion and preventing border conflicts Mali-Burkina Faso

Conflict Prevention and Management in the East Region of Burkina Faso

Past initiatives

Analyzing the drivers of violent conflict and factors of resilience

Fostering youth dialogue: Bibiss Laafi Bat√Ľ

Amplifying the voice of young people by strengthening their capacities

Mapping the peace nexus in Burkina Faso

Cross-Border Dialogue for Peace Responsive Actions to Prevent Conflict and Improve Natural Resource Management Along the Mali-Burkina Faso Border

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