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Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a high-level, statutory body within Interpeace whose mandate is to provide the organization with strategic advice and guidance on peacebuilding policy and practice. It is composed of selected governmental and intergovernmental representatives, nominated because of the unique role these individuals are able to play in connecting peace and security policy and practice.

The Council embodies Interpeace’s longstanding engagement with member states and other key intergovernmental partners which dates back to its inception within the United Nations in 1994 and its recognition as an independent international organization by the Swiss Government in 2018.

In recent years, the Advisory Council has played a crucial role in helping Interpeace strengthen its positioning on key international policy agendas as well as our transformative work of assisting humanitarian and development agencies to become more conflict sensitive and peace responsive. It also provides advice as to the future direction of the organization in the context of the next five-year strategy (2021-2025).


Ambassador Umej Bhatia

African Union

Ambassador Amr Abdellatif Aboualatta


Ambassador Nasir Ahmad Andisha


Ambassador Leslie E. Norton


Ambassador Ib Petersen




Ambassador Noel White


Ambassador Francisca Elizabeth Mendez Escobar


Ambassador Paul Bekkers