Strategy 2021-2025: A Resilient Peace

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Strategy 2021 - 2025
A Resilient Peace
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Eighty percent of all humanitarian crises are now conflict-related, the majority lasting over a decade. Political polarisation is on the rise, while trust in institutions and confidence in economic systems is weak. In light of these trends and volatility, it is imperative to strengthen the positive, built-in capacities and resilience of individuals and communities in order to create lasting peace, growth and development.

The vision of this strategy is a world in which enduring peace is evident in the cohesion and resilience of citizens, the diversity and inclusion of communities, and the responsiveness and trustworthiness of State institutions.

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The ways we build, assess, and fund peace.


  1. Re-framing Peace Processes
  2. Assessing Trust, Resilience and Inclusion
  3. Changing the way Peace is funded
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We will broaden our reach; seek to strengthen the resilience of communities and the trustworthiness of State institutions; and champion inclusion, justice and the economic dimensions of peacebuilding.


  1. Expanding our global scope of our engagement and the breadth of our local networks
  2. Safer communities and more trustworthy security institutions
  3. Enhancing Inclusion and Justice
  4. Integrating Economic Peacebuilding
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We will seek to institutionalise peace in State behaviour and in the international system, and put self-sustainability at the core of every peacebuilding strategy.


  1. Anchoring change in the State
  2. A Peace-Responsive International System
  3. Modelling Peacebuilding’s Success and Sustainability
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