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Support to mediation in Ituri and North Kivu

The province of Ituri and the Grand Nord Kivu area present an almost identical mosaic of conflicts and the dynamics of conflicts in the two areas are not only similar, but also reinforce each other. Interpeace is implementing in these two areas the project "Support to mediation for resilience and peace in Ituri and Great North Kivu (Beni city and Beni-Territory)" a project that aims to contribute to the stabilization of Eastern DRC through mediation, community recovery and strengthening social cohesion.

Ituri province and the Beni area remain plagued by insecurity perpetrated by the ADF and Mai-Mai armed groups, and in these areas the political manipulation of identity, the dimensions of land, power and identity, the weakness of the state, and the low involvement of women and youth in formal mediation efforts make sustainable peace difficult to achieve. The consultations carried out within the framework of the project make it possible to mobilize and involve in an inclusive and participatory manner the political-administrative, customary and security authorities, civil society leaders, local men, women and youth leaders and other stakeholders such as economic operators and media professionals in the identification of major conflict issues that will be the subject of a mediation process in order to contribute to the mitigation of the risks of recurrence of conflicts.

Through preliminary mapping sessions, the conflict management structures operating in the Beni area were identified and their functioning, strengths and weaknesses were established.

The actions of the various structures identified that encourage actors to use dialogue to prevent and resolve conflicts are capitalized on in the project implementation process in order to guarantee the long-term reduction of the risk of violent conflicts.