In 2019, Interpeace and Indigo C么te d'Ivoire initiated a Project in the Mountain District and the Worodougou Region, whose objective is to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive governance of the State-led process consisting in securing land tenure and protecting specific areas. Through this EU-funded initiative, the aim is to generate, within populations, a good understanding and full participation in the processes of preservation of protected areas and delimitation of villages territories. This 22-month project also intends to work to alleviate the tensions related to these initiatives, by setting up a framework for collaboration between stakeholders in the different processes. The first phase consists in a dialogue and information process with the populations, the authorities and the civil society, to contribute to generate a common and in-depth understanding of the socio-political dynamics at work around protected areas (for the Mountain District) and the process of delimitation of territories (in the Worodougou). In addition, the project's actions should also inform and engage the target populations in an open and constructive dialogue on the politico-legal framework governing land and forest preservation in C么te d'Ivoire. The second phase of the project will consist in strengthening the capacities of Community Based Organizations (CBOs), in particular Peace Committees and Land management committees at the village level聽 (CVGFR), CSOs and local authorities in the field of rural development, on early warning, prevention and mediation of conflicts over protected areas or village delimitation processes. At the same time, the action will contribute to strengthening collaboration between the various actors, thereby improving the sustainability and inclusivity of the management of these issues - and ultimately, we hope, contribute to stability and social peace.


Geneva Peace-Cast


Nov 1 - 5, 2021