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Peace Responsiveness

Systems Level

Many of the obstacles to peace responsiveness can be ascribed to broader structural barriers and disincentives within the wider aid system. Siloed funding streams, weak systems and incentives to ensure coherence and collaboration, and different timelines and operating modalities stand in the way of deepening coherence between actors and collective impact. All actors in the wider aid system, including donors, have a role to play in making it more fit-for-purpose.

Interpeace aims to be a thought leader and convener to start addressing systemic structural barriers and disincentives hindering peace responsiveness.

Our approach

Foster greater commitment among donors, policy actors and senior management of organizations to make the system more fit-for-purpose.
Facilitate collaborative learning processes among donors to find practical solutions to overcome structural barriers
Engage donors to further incentivise conflict sensitivity and peace responsiveness
Convene actors from the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors to broaden approaches and collective outcomes