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Strategic Advising

Working hand-in-hand with you to address your specific needs, IPAT’s Advisers provide support in the development of peacebuilding strategies, policies, and processes.

We Provide

  • Technical Assistance in designing and carrying out a range of activities;
  • Accompaniment throughout the cycle from assessment to implementation by providing guidance and assistance when and where it is needed.

IPAT’s strategic advice enables you to make an informed analysis of how to best support the local peacebuilding needs and opportunities; to engage in design processes that are inclusive and effectively responsive to the local needs and realities; and to implement solutions that integrate all stakeholders’ needs and that react and adjust to shifting contexts.

Examples of Strategic Advising include support in designing and carrying out:

Participatory Conflict Analyses ● Peace and Development Analyses ●  National and Regional Peacebuilding Strategies ● Reconciliation Processes ● Social Cohesion Dialogues ● Strategic Design and Planning

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