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Women’s voices project

Malian civil society, in all its plurality and diversity, is an essential cog in the wheel of social cohesion, peace and development throughout the country. Numerous women and women's associations are involved on a daily basis in promoting better access for communities to basic social services, and work with populations and decision-makers to inform and raise awareness on issues of peace, social cohesion and governance.

Although active and committed to these initiatives, many civil society organizations and women's associations are still poorly structured and rarely have sufficient technical and operational resources to sustain their actions over the long term. In addition to internal organizational challenges, women's civic engagement is limited in many regions by the weight of socio-cultural norms, low levels of school enrollment and lack of access to decision-making spheres, all of which hinder their ability to influence the definition and implementation of public policies. These obstacles limit the positive contribution of women and young women and the key role they have to play in building a resilient Malian society, in which governors and populations work together in trust to meet the needs of the population and guarantee peace and stability.

In this context, the project aims to contribute to strengthening women's civic engagement and their role as agents of change in governance, socio-economic development and peacebuilding in Mali.

Expected results

  1. Reinforcement of women's active participation in community life, civic engagement and conflict resolution within their communities.
  2. Reduction of the negative impact of social norms and constraints on women's civic involvement, and enhancement of women's role in community life as agents of change.
  3. Greater involvement of women's organizations and civil society in peacebuilding processes.