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The Peace Index (PI)

The PI will seek to operationalise a new approach to bottom-up, participatory measurement that will inform the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia of the state and progress of peace in the country. It will inform the national and regional peacebuilding strategy and institutionalise peacebuilding approaches in the government’s policies.

The longer-term vision of the Peace Index is that by mainstreaming peace assessment and planning at different levels of the social system – individuals, households, communities and institutions – everyday processes of social learning will gradually contribute to the normalisation of peace-enhancing practices.

In addition, the PI can also play a positive role in informing and measuring international assistance to peacebuilding and enhancing of peace, including be relevant for humanitarian and development programming.

As the country is now embarking in the formation of the national dialogue commission that is tasked with facilitating dialogue on the most pertinent structural issues, the findings of the PI can also support the identification of important issues in a more coherent and structured way.