The project aims to establish trust between communities and the police through a problem-solving approach, in line with the aspirations of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to build trust between the country’s institutions and its citizens. In the case of the police, the Ethiopian authorities identified their approach to fostering a police force that is trusted by communities in the new Police Doctrine of 2020.

This particular project seeks to engage in four woredas of Addis Ababa. Building on the findings of the baseline on trust between the police and communities carried out in the woredas in 2021, the project will engage on a national level with Independent Advisory Groups, as well as to develop data-based problem-solving approaches to begin the process of building trust between the police and the communities. This will put in place the initial building blocks for a successful policing model, which can be replicated across the country. Interpeace is working with the Ethiopian Police University to carry out this work.