In the conflict-affected areas of Galkacyo and Burtinle, Interpeace and local partner PDRC have engaged in technical support to strengthen the Joint Peace Committee and Early Warning Committee. We have implemented training sessions on mitigation and early warning techniques, as well as capacity-building on context-appropriate communication mechanisms for conflict prevention. The collaboration facilitated by Interpeace programme staff has allowed the local team members to use their joint cooperation as a way to bridge the conflict divide and effectively engage their respective communities in peacebuilding efforts. This has enabled the programme to facilitate dialogue on important conflict issues and transcend the conflict divides. Our engagement in Galkacyo began in 2017, when Interpeace and PDRC conducted a participatory-action research (PAR) process that resulted in the development of an in-depth conflict assessment report. Consultations from the PAR process in Galkacyo enabled stakeholders from both the north and south, to discuss and increase their understanding of the different perspectives of conflict and potential solutions. Through this assessment and follow-up community focus group discussions, Interpeace, PDRC and other stakeholders, were able to build their understanding of the conflict drivers, but more importantly the perspectives of fellow community members and how these may translate into community-led peacebuilding initiatives. Since then, Interpeace has launched capacity building and accompaniment of women’s efforts in the peace process, which has led to the harmonization and strengthening of the Mudug Women Peace Committee and have increased outreach into rural areas of the Mudug region to promote dialogue with those communities more at-risk of conflict.