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Building trust

Trust is the keystone of peace

Trust is the glue that holds relationships, societies, and economies together. Violent conflict results in the breakdown of trust and that is why rebuilding it is a core element of our approach. By working with all sectors and levels of society to develop a common vision for the future, we contribute to increased mutual understanding and the rebuilding of trust.

Conflict tears apart the fabric of societies. Mistrust colours all relationships, including between people and their leaders. In such contexts, even small problems can escalate into wide-scale violence.

By providing safe spaces for dialogue, Interpeace helps societies re-establish trust through the collaborative identification of obstacles to lasting peace and the development of solutions to common problems.

Current policies often put a priority on the ’hardware’ of rebuilding countries after conflict: infrastructure, government buildings, demobilized soldiers, the timing of elections and police stations built. Very often, these efforts fail to also focus on the crucial ‘software’: reconciliation between former antagonists, trust in public institutions, and traditional practices of dispute resolution.

Trust gives institutions lasting legitimacy and helps individuals and groups remain engaged in the long and arduous process of building lasting peace.