Between 2015 and 2016, six communities were covered by the peacemapping process. It has since grown to 13 communities, where it has been leading regular consultative processes in the West and South. Consultations with various stakeholders and preparatory work was carried out to expand further to an additional six communities in the East of the country. In 2018, the programme established a network of change agents, consisting of more than 200 community leaders / influencers from 12 communities in the West and South of Libya, who have been engaged and trained in conflict analysis and transformation, dialogue facilitation, conflict resolution, and are now leading efforts to reduce levels of conflict and violence within and between engaged communities, as well as strengthen intra- and inter-communal cohesion. Moreover, the culture of dialogue has been enhanced within and among communities engaged, some of them antagonistic before the project engagement.

The priority of the 2022 programme is to continue to deepen the network of change agents into other parts of the country and ensure ongoing support for this work, as well as to utilise the network of change agents to advance social cohesion and positive peace in their own communities as well as at the national level.