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Improving Land and Natural Resources Governance

Since 2022, Interpeace started a series of initiatives aimed at advancing the peaceful and inclusive management of natural resources.

Initially, Interpeace concentrated its efforts in the regions of Oio, Cacheu, and Biombo, focusing on promoting peaceful and inclusive land governance. Within this framework, the initiative actively worked to promote youth inclusion through intergenerational dialogue on issues related to land access and ownership. Simultaneously, efforts were made to strengthen existing local capacities for conflict prevention and management at both the community and institutional levels. This involved providing training, technical support, and disseminating best practices.

In 2023, Interpeace expanded the scope of its work to include the regions of Bafata and Gabu, with a heightened emphasis on preventing conflicts associated with transhumance and pastoralism. This second project places particular importance on fostering dialogue among pastors and herders, aiming to identify inclusive solutions that enhance the governance of natural resources.