Interpeace and Voz di Paz work on conflict prevention and resolution at two different levels: strengthening the role of women in conflict resolution and promoting a more inclusive traditional justice. With these objectives, the programme fostered cross-group dialogue around traditional justice practices and promoted women’s participation in traditional justice and in mediating structures at the communities’ level, contributing to laying the foundations for a more peaceful society. In 2019, a participatory analysis on traditional justice with a focus on women and children have been carried out in three regions of the country to enlighten conflict resolution mechanisms at the community level and women’s perspective on them. Throughout 2018, new women mediators were integrated in Voz di Paz’s Regional Spaces for Dialogue (RSD) increasing the percentage of female members from 23.5% to 46%. In June 2018, at a National Gathering of the RSD, the importance of women in conflict resolution was discussed and affirmed both by male and female participants. Furthermore, the programme aims to mainstream a conflict-sensitive approach to gender promotion. In this perspective, Interpeace and Voz di Paz are working to identify good practices to promote women participation in decision making avoiding risk of division at the societal level – to then boost capacities of key actors to advocate for women’s participation in decision making enhancing social cohesion. To work at the regional and communities’ level, Voz di Paz developed a network of 10 Regional Spaces for Dialogue (RSD) across the country. RSD are a fundamental element in the programme architecture to monitor the occurrence of conflict and to contribute directly to its mediation