Interpeace and Voz di Paz have been working to foster conflict prevention and resolution capacity at the local, regional and national level  and to promote more inclusive formal and informal conflict resolution mechanisms . With these objectives, in the past years the programme fostered cross-group dialogue around traditional justice practices, carried out a participatory analysis on traditional justice with a focus on women and children,  promoted women’s participation in traditional justice and in mediating structures at the community level, and closely worked with  a network of 10 Regional Spaces for Dialogue (RSD) across the country  to monitor the occurrence of conflict at the community level and to contribute directly to its mediation. Throughout 2018, new women mediators were integrated in Voz di Paz’s Regional Spaces for Dialogue and from 2020 a participatory process to restructure the spaces and strengthen their informal mediation skills has been launched.  In the framework of this process, Interpeace and Voz di Paz are currently developing an online conflict mapping system to provide main national and international stakeholders with reliable data on the situation of conflict nationwide. To foster the inclusiveness of conflict prevention and resolution mechanisms at different levels, the programme is currently focusing on strengthening youth mediation capacity to allow them to actively integrate conflict resolution structures and institutions at the local level and participate in conflict mediation, with a specific focus on land related conflict.