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2011 Peace Day Activities

Here is what Interpeace and its partners did on Peace Day 21 September 2011.

Somali Region: A thought for peace

A poem from the heart of a peacebuilder and grandson of a Somali nomad.

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Rwanda: Striding out for peace in Kigali

Key players in the peacebuilding process in Rwanda united to stride out for peace on Peace Day celebrated on Wednesday 21 September 2011. A concert and speeches provided a finale for an enthusiastic and positive day.

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Somali Region: White for peace in Puntland

For the women of Puntland, wearing white symbolizes peace. On 21 September 2011, 50 women took to the streets to raise awareness of the need to further embed peace in the region.

Walking through the streets of Garowe, the main town, they attracted attention from passers by.

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Somali Region: 'Without peace no life'

The Somali Football Federation and Interpeace local partner, Center for Research and Dialogue (CRD) teamed up to hold a football tournament on Peace Day 2011.

A rare moment in the daily life of Mogadishu residents.

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Costa Rica: 360 degree approach to peace

The Costa Rican government seized the opportunity to promote peace on this year’s Peace Day. 200 people crammed into a packed hall to listen to the Minister and Vice Minister of Peace.

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In Rwanda peace means...

For Rwandans, peace means feeling comfortable with those around them. It means not being forced to live in isolation, keeping to themselves. It also means people act towards others in a way they wish for themselves.

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Guinea-Bissau: Call for annual Peace Day

On Peace Day, 21 September 2011, Interpeace local partner in Guinea-Bissau, Voz di Paz, launched a national initiative that calls for the creation of a national peace day in Guinea-Bissau.

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