Call for Guinea-Bissau annual Peace Day

September 30, 2011

On World Peace Day, 21 September 2011, Interpeace local partner in Guinea-Bissau, Voz di Paz, launched a national initiative that calls for the creation of a national peace day in Guinea-Bissau.

The venue for the launch was carefully selected. It was held at the Jugudul roundabout. Not only is it one of the busiest crossroads in the country, but from there roads radiate to all parts of the country. Fafali Koudawo, Director of ‚ÄėVoz di Paz‚Äô commented on the location of the launch: ‚ÄúJugudul symobilizes the nationwide significance of the initiative and highlights the participatory character of the campaign.‚ÄĚ

The goal of this project called ‚ÄėGuin√© Terra di Paz‚Äô (Guinea the land of Peace) is the establishment of a national peace day in Guinea-Bissau. Over the course of the next year, the initiative is collecting signatures from Bissau-Guineans. Children to senior citizens, men or women, living in Guinea-Bissau, members of the diaspora and anyone who has a passion for the country. ‚ÄúFor the next 365 days we‚Äôll be collecting the signatures of¬† everybody who longs for peace,‚ÄĚ confirms Fafali.

The petition is an opportunity for the population to openly show their support for peace. It  will also raise awareness of the fact that all  Bissau-Guineans want peace and will give everyone a day a year to rally around peace. Peace walks, radio shows, village fetes, concerts, meetings, conferences focused on peace can all be scheduled for that day.

The petition, that is also supported by the Peace and Justice Commission in Guinea-Bisssau, will be handed over to the National Assembly in Bissau on World Peace Day 2012. On the same day a Global Truce has been called for adding further weight to the initiative.