Israel-Gaza Crisis

November 24, 2023

Interpeace welcomes the announcement of a temporary cessation in the conflict that has caused such deadly violence and devastation in recent weeks. This pause will be a vital period of respite for the civilian population. But this moment should also be grasped by all to redouble efforts to create the conditions to build towards a rapid and permanent end to hostilities and enduring peace.

Lasting solutions in war-torn societies must be locally led and owned, and be anchored by national and regional solidarity and vision if they are to overcome the root causes of tension and conflict. Upholding international norms and the rule of law, particularly in times of armed conflict, is foundational to peace and stability. The international community has a solemn responsibility to work tirelessly to silence the guns permanently, to support all those suffering from the conflict and loss, and to foster conditions on the ground for enduring peace.