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Tribute to Liron Mehrez-Melnik

April 19, 2012
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Liron Mehrez-Melnik.

Liron Mehrez-Melnik

2 April 2012

More powerful than hope, Liron inspired conviction.

“With Liron's passing, we have lost an exceptional person and one of the most impressive peacebuilders I have ever met. We must make sure future generations are inspired by her example.” Scott M. Weber, Director-General

To all of us in the Interpeace family, Liron was not only a dedicated colleague, but an inspiration proving through her work every day that peace is possible.

The energy she brought to her work as Programme Coordinator for Israel, inspired all those around her. Her brilliantly strategic mind and her personality allowed her to navigate the political dynamics of Israel. Talking to Liron about her work and the future of the Middle East, she could convince you that peace is not a question of “if” but “when.”

Her dedication and loyalty to her friends, her family, her team and peacebuilding were genuine and powerful. Her words and actions exemplified her beliefs.

We all knew Liron as full of life and passion. Her strength impressed us all. Even when her illness took its toll, she threw herself into her work and continued to dedicate her life to peace.

Liron’s life and her approach to her work demonstrated some of the most fundamental lessons of peacebuilding. Perhaps most of all was her commitment to treat everyone with respect and to recognize the central importance of preserving their dignity.

It was Liron’s deep conviction to treat everyone equally no matter their political or religious beliefs. Liron knew that you need to hear and understand all sides in order to build lasting peace. On the one hand establishing inclusiveness was her biggest challenge but on the other hand it is key to the process of finding a sustainable solution.

Liron had incredible presence when she walked into a room. No matter the audience she was able to build people’s trust and win them over. She was able to overcome the barriers, building trust and confidence.

She was an exceptional peacebuilder and a role model to all of us.

Liron passed away on 2 April 2012 after a prolonged illness.

Interpeace expresses its deepest sympathy to Liron’s family, friends and colleagues.