One Sweet World Campaign

Building inclusive societies is one of the biggest challenges of societies around the world. In Sweden and Europe, marginalization, exclusion and discrimination are creating profound tensions within society. As a result, violence, protests and fear have increased in the past years. Diverse political campaigns and media coverage have enforced stigmatization through the promotion of negative stereotypes, deepening the divisions within communities.

In the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the principle of inclusivity is deliberately incorporated in several goals, including goal 16 for peaceful and inclusive societies. Based on Interpeace’s experience in over 20 fragile contexts, we believe that in order for a society to become truly inclusive, every individual must contribute and have an active role.

In this context, Interpeace has joined forces with Ben & Jerry’s, to help spread the word of inclusion. There’s an ever increasing number of citizens and movements standing up for inclusion, speaking out in the name of compassion and understanding. We are calling on people across Sweden to choose unity over division.

Through ‘One Sweet World’, we are calling on friends and followers to share positive community stories, to celebrate local heroes and challenge misconceptions of nationality, origin, wealth and religion based on fear. Together we can help to turn the tide on the rise of fear and prejudice around us.

There are no quick fixes to building more inclusive and welcoming societies, and it will take much more than just a campaign. However, we will be adding our voices to movements already under way across Sweden, from community projects that bring people together to organizations helping to improve understanding, build common ground and ultimately drive change from the grassroots.

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