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Gathering of Malian Youth for Peace and Social Cohesion

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Bamako, 11 May 2015

The Malian Institute of Action Research for Peace (IMRAP) and its partner Interpeace, are organizing, in partnership with the National Directorate for Youth and the National Youth Council, the Tumast Cultural Centre and the Malivaleurs Movement, an event bringing together Malian youth, entitled Gathering of Malian Youth for Peace and Social Cohesion in Mopti from 9 to 13 May 2015.

Made possible thanks to financial support from the European Union and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark in Mali, this initiative aims to promote trust, social cohesion, dialogue and a culture of...

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Faces of Peace

Princess-Calvina Coleman

Born and raised in Liberia, Princess is a dedicated and passionate peacebuilder. Prior to her work with Interpeace, Princess worked for a number of ye...
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