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Abwola Hillary Makwar – Uganda


Abwola is a self-motivated and dynamic youth leader with a strong background in team building and community development activism. His passion lies in youth development and capacity building, which drives him to create positive change in his community. As the founder and CEO of Space Media, an online youth-led initiative, Abwola is dedicated to empowering the community and enhancing the capabilities of young people through advocacy actions. Space Media focuses on critical issues concerning the community, including gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy, health and sanitation, waste management, and climate action. Through this platform, Abwola aims to raise awareness, foster community empowerment, and advocate for solutions to these pressing challenges.

As a participant in the Great Lakes Youth Lab programme, Abwola is a Young Innovator receiving mentorship from the Refugee Law Project. This mentorship equips him with the values and skills to become a community leader, enabling him to effectively empower young people in his community. Abwola’s unwavering dedication to uplifting his community and inspiring the youth exemplifies his outstanding leadership and commitment to positive transformation.


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