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Kenya: The transformative journey to bring peace to Baragoi

September 4, 2023


Nestled in Samburu North’s rugged terrain, Baragoi town was marred by violent conflicts between the Samburu and Turkana communities. A binary boundary divided the town, risking the lives of those who crossed it. The 2012 massacre of over 100 officers in pursuit of stolen livestock earned the region the nickname ‘Valley of Death.’ Amid government crackdowns and intensifying violence, hope emerged.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and Interpeace Kenya peacebuilding programme, funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, embarked on a transformative journey, nurturing the grassroots ceasefire monitoring committee (CMC). Comprising four members from each community, elders, spiritual leaders, and local chiefs from both the Samburu and Turkana communities, the CMCs bridged hostility gaps. They intervened, resolved conflicts, and foiled planned attacks, transforming Baragoi from a battleground into a hub of harmony.

The CMC’s impact extended far beyond the boundaries of Baragoi town. In Samburu and Turkana villages, they facilitated intra-community dialogues, defusing tensions and fostering accountability. Peace caravans weaved through landscapes, embodying unity’s dance. Community meetings became bustling marketplaces of ideas, trading differences for understanding and animosities for resolutions.

Months later, gunfire’s echoes yielded a chorus of praise from various peace actors and community members. The CMCs continue to traverse the region through peace caravans; they are tasked with sharing early warning information, monitoring potential flashpoints for conflict, and providing early responses to prevent any resurgence of violence. However, their efforts are not without challenges, as those against peace in the area attack committee members, families, and livestock. In 2023 alone, four focal CMC members in the Suguta Valley endured losses and threats. Despite these losses, CMS members unwaveringly upheld their commitment.

Baragoi’s transformation is a testament to the power of collective action. Communities rewrote their narrative, bridging divides of peace and reminding us that unity can forge a future from conflict’s ashes.