Assessing resilience for peace – Guidance Note

Type: PDF Size: 1Mb Published: June 2, 2016

This report is the product of the Framework for Assessing Resilience (FAR) programme. It offers analytical and operational reflections and guidance reflecting an approach to the assessment of resilience both as a lens – or a way of seeing, analyzing and understanding peace and conflict in any society – and as a vehicle which serves as an operational way of doing things.

The methodology and approach of this programme, which are documented in this guidance, also reflect an approach to locally owned and driven processes which are themselves powerfully animated by the endogenous nature of resilience.

This guidance aspires to inform both policy and practice. We hope the guidance note may be absorbed in both the policy and practitioner worlds, adapting these areas of thought and practice to the individual country context so as to respond more effectively to conflict-related challenges, threats, or stressors. Perhaps the guidance note might even be transformative, like the proposed framework and approach to resilience for peace itself.

Liberia, Photo credit: P4DP