Since 2004, Mustakbalna, Interpeace’s programme in Palestine has been working to facilitate reaching a convergence on a common vision for the state of Palestine that is representative of the Palestinian people and gains the support of its leadership. The programme currently operates in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and plans to engage the Palestinian diaspora.

Mustakbalna, meaning ‚Äúour future‚ÄĚ in Arabic, has identified strategic partners who are influential, respected, and have the potential for creating a larger impact. Mustakbalna‚Äôs working group includes: ex-detainees, youth, women, community leaders, members of the Parliament (PLC), politicians from all political parties, intellectuals, civil society, and other groups operating at a local level. Mustakbalna has gained the trust and credibility among key stakeholders and has access to all political parties from grassroots to senior leadership.

The programme functions in a turbulent political environment with recurrent outbreaks of violence and challenges present on the ground, due to both the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the internal political division. Mustakbalna therefore adopts a flexible structure to respond to the impact of the shifting political situation on the ground, all the while remaining devoted to its overall objective.

Mustakbalna has been connecting grassroots to leadership levels with the aim of bridging the democratic gap that is deepening in the Palestinian context. The programme aims to empower agents for change. Mustakbalna encourages the people it works with to act and reach out to those who are dissatisfied with internal political divisions and are keen to exert popular pressure on the leadership, using various pressure and advocacy tools.

The programme is well positioned and has gained credibility among key stakeholders across sectoral and geographical divides to address crucial national concerns. One of the key strengths of Mustakbalna is its access to the political elite through its engagement with prominent and respected ex-detainees. These can command both the attention of Palestinian leadership and maintain the respect of the population.

Going forward, Mustakbalna will work to facilitate the development of a consensus among key stakeholders regarding Palestinian national priorities and the crucial need for a national liberation strategy.