Aceh, Indonesia

Interpeace has been creating spaces of dialogue to ensure lasting peace in Aceh, Indonesia. From 2006 to 2009 the programme made a significant contribution to the consolidation of peace in Aceh.

The peacebuilding strategy had two components: one focused on the formal political process for which the key reference was direct dialogue between the parties who signed an initial peace agreement and the other focused on reconciliation, problem solving and trust building at the local level.

The programme helped local society reach consensus-based solutions to key problems and challenges based on inputs from within their communities and the inclusion and participation of all sectors of society. A range of methodological tools were used, including participatory-action research, individual interviews, focus group discussions, open public debates, thematic working groups, working seminars, conferences, video footage and radio broadcasts, and press statements. All of this was intended to ensure strong local ownership and legitimacy of decisions taken or solutions reached.