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A new path to lasting peace

The Principles for Peace is a global participatory initiative to re-frame the current narrow, exclusionary, and flawed way peace processes are understood and implemented. Principles for Peace is a collective effort to develop a new set of principles to better enable local, national and international actors to craft more inclusive approaches that result in long term sustainable peace.

Stakeholder Platform

The Stakeholder Platform (SP) brings together representatives of local, regional and international organizations, research institutes, governments, private sector entities and other relevant networks.
The Stakeholder Platform will accompany the International Commission on Inclusive Peace (ICIP) throughout its mandate and the development of the Principles for Peace. It will provide the ICIP with a sounding board, a vehicle for deeper outreach and advocacy.

International Commission

The independent International Commission on Inclusive Peace consists of a diverse group of eminent experts and leaders, bringing together policy, practice, on-the-ground experiences and high-level political leadership. The Commission will lead a global participatory process to develop principles for achieving lasting peace. It will kickstart the global, participatory process to reframe thinking on the global peace agenda. It will leverage cutting edge research, participatory consultations and public engagement to fundamentally re-think and re-shape peace processes worldwide.