Dr Rebecca Brubaker

Director of Policy, Learning and Advisory Services

Dr Rebecca Brubaker was appointed Director of Policy, Learning and Advisory Services in September 2021.¬† She is responsible for leading Interpeace’s policy and learning agenda, which aims to improve the state of knowledge on effective peacebuilding practice and to use it to inform better international peacebuilding policy.

Prior to joining Interpeace, Brubaker worked as a Senior Policy Adviser and Project Director at the United Nations (UN). In this role, she directed projects related to conflict prevention, humanitarian affairs, sanctions, transitional justice, migration and refugees. She also led internal lessons learned missions to country settings in South Asia and West Africa. Brubaker was frequently called upon to brief Security Council members and senior UN and government officials. In her time with the UN, Brubaker worked for UN DPPA, UNU, UNHCR, and DESA.

Prior to her tenure with the UN, Brubaker worked for over a decade on “track 6” peacebuilding endeavors in the Balkans and Cyprus.

She holds a masters in Forced Migration and doctoral degree in International Development from the University of Oxford, where studied as a Rhodes Scholar.  Brubaker is also a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations.