Matthias Stiefel

Founder and Former President (1993 - 2005)

Founder and former President of Interpeace. A Swiss political scientist with 40 years of operational experience across five continents, Matthias has held senior executive positions in the United Nations, non-governmental organisations and academia. Between 1994-2005, Matthias created and directed the organisations that preceded and led to Interpeace: the UNRISD-PSIS War-torn Societies Project (WSP); the DPA-UNDP WSP Transition Program; and WSP International. Prior to this, Matthias worked as a senior staff member et advisor to the Swiss government and various international organisations including UNDP, UNPBC/PBSO, UNICEF et UNEP-ENVSEC. Today, Matthias is the Managing Director of a Swiss consultancy firm, Stiefel, Irvin & Associates SA, and of a Portuguese company, Andorinha Lda, which was established to restore and develop village life in Southern Portugal.