Mathilde Boddaert

Peace Responsiveness Specialist


I am Mathilde Boddaert, Peace Responsiveness Specialist; I am seconded to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Headquarters. In my daily work, I advise and support WHO in developing and implementing its “Global Health for Peace Initiative”, which aims at making the health sector and WHO contributors to peace and social cohesion, while pursuing their public health goals. Being a firm believer of the UN Sustaining Peace Agenda, I am very motivated by the opportunity of mainstreaming peacebuilding objectives and approaches into the work of such an influential member of the UN family – as per Interpeace’s “second mandate”.

I joined Interpeace in 2017, then taking the leadership of the Côte d’Ivoire Country programme. Working for Interpeace has truly been an honour and a pleasure as the organisation’s values, self-criticism, engagement and innovation spirit align with my own values and objectives.

Before joining Interpeace, I held various management, research and training positions for different Organizations for more than 13 years, including 8 years in conflict and post-conflict countries. Peacebuilding being at the crossroad of many “sectors”, I have also worked on human rights, development and humanitarian issues, always with a view to consolidating peace, which is what I am the most passionate about.