Grace Muhoza

Programme Officer


Gr√Ęce is a Rwandan National. Prior to joining Interpeace, she worked with various National and Panafrican organisations including the Rwandan Girl Guide Association (an NGO working to end violence against women and girls), Urgent Action Fund-Africa (a women’s human right organisation), AWAN-Afrika that seeks to empower women agripreneurs and Ubuntu Center for Peace that works to implement a community-based social healing model to address both individual and collective traumas in Rwanda and across the boders.

She has also worked as a translator and interpretor, providing services in English, French, Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili to several organisations in Kenya and in Rwanda. As a vibrant, charismatic leader, she has held leadership positions including the Commissioner of the Youth at AGR (Girl Guide Association), President of the Rwanda Student Association in Daystar University and Secretary/Treasurer of Ibuka in Kenya. Gr√Ęce graduated from Daystar University with a Degree in Integrated Community Development and a minor in peace conflict transformation. She also pursued a Master of Arts Degree in Child and Youth Development at the same University. She is passionate about the relationships between the youth and the role the family and society play in moulding the youth to become better leaders.

In her spare time, Gr√Ęce enjoys having thought-provoking conversations with people around her, reading books, cooking, listening to music, visiting new places, and most of all, networking and making new frien