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2014 Peace Day Activities

For 21 September 2014 we planned a number of exciting events around the world.

Geneva Peace Talks

After the success of last year's edition, the Geneva Peace Talks 2014 are back! This year's theme, "Let's Talk Peace!" set out to highlight how communication tools, techniques and channels can contribute to resolving conflict. Speakers reflected on how they have personally overcome peace related communication challenges.

For more information visit the Peace Talks website

Geneva: Jet d'Eau

How do you plan to commemorate Peace Day in Geneva? End the day by coming down to the lake and see the Jet d'Eau in blue! This is the third consecutive year that Interpeace teamed up with the Service Industriel de Genève (SIG) to make this evening spectacle possible.

NGO Coalition

Interpeace is the lead partner of Peace One Day NGO Coalition in support of Peace Day, 21 September. With over 800 members, the NGO Coalition seeks to bring together like-minded NGOs that wish to highlight the need for peace and what can be achieved with peace.

Are you interested in organizing an event to celebrate Peace Day? Then download the NGO Coalition's resource pack to get guidance on how to make the most of your Peace Day event.

Peace One Day concert

Peace One Day is a non-profit organization whose objective is to institutionalize Peace Day, 21 September, making it an annual day of global unity.

To this end, Peace One Day celebrated Peace Day with a high-profile concert by five time Grammy Award nominated artist, Akon, at Goma International Airport in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Honduras: Football for peace

Peace Day celebrations also resounded in Honduras! As a part of the ongoing efforts to reduce youth violence, Interpeace's Latin America team, with the support of the Berghoff Foundation, brought members of two rival football clubs together. The forum explained their role in violence prevention and peacebuilding in Honduras. During the following football games, members from both clubs held a huge banner with a peace message.

Mali: Dialogue for peace

With Mali's Independence Day on 22 September, Peace Day is of crucial importance to the Malian people. In order to celebrate this unique coincidence, IMRAP organized a series of events under the theme "Dialogue for Peace." A key activity was a radio programme organized in collaboration with the local radio Studio Tamani that is supported by the Fondation Hirondelle. There was also a cultural evening with music organized in collaboration with the Tumast cultural center.

Puntland: Right to peace

Our partner PDRC organized a forum dedicated to the 'Right to Peace.' The President of Puntland, together with elders, emphasized the importance of peace with the aim to stop ongoing conflicts. There was also a panel discussion on the right to peace and peace in the Somali tradition that was broadcast through local media channels.

Cyprus: Transcending divisions for peace

Our partner in Cyprus, SeeD, supported a series of events organized by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR). This included dance performances, music shows, and other artistic activities, and transformed the Buffer Zone into a celebration of peace. The celebrations were used to mobilize Cypriots to support ground level aid initiatives.

Juba: Events of symbolic significance

The community came together to celebrate the International Day of Peace in Kismayo, Somalia - a milestone event after years of open conflict. Cultural dances are a reminder of a shared Somali heritage, local and regional officials lead a marathon for peace, and the first football tournament since the civil war gives spectators something to cheer about.