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2013 Peace Day Activities

For 21 September 2013 we conducted a number of exciting events around the world.

NGO Coalition

Interpeace is the lead partner of Peace One Day's NGO Coalition in support of Peace Day, 21 September.

Peace, humanitarian and development NGOs united to celebrate the day.

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Geneva Peace Talks

The first ever Geneva Peace Talks to celebrate the International Day of Peace featured speakers from diverse backgrounds telling their personal stories about peace.

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Geneva: Flags on Pont du Mont Blanc

Interpeace partnered with the City of Geneva to display flags with the word "peace" in the six languages of the United Nations. These were interspersed with flags displaying graphic artwork from a competition organized by the City of Geneva around the theme of Peace Day. The flags were displayed on the iconic bridge for the week of 20-27 September.

Geneva: Jet d'Eau

For the second year in a row, Interpeace teamed up with the Service Industriel de Genève (SIG) to illuminate the Jet d'Eau in blue for the evening of 21 September.

Burundi: Engaging youth

Our partner CENAP brought together youth from across ethnic and political divides. CENAP's work focuses increasingly on youth, as there is potential for them to play a negative role during the run up to the 2015 elections. The activities focused on rural Bujumbura province, as it was strongly affected by the crisis triggered by the contested 2010 elections.

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El Salvador: Discussing the gang truce

The Latin America team hosted a discussion that was featured as a part of Peace One Day's Live Global Moments. It focused on the work undertaken by key Salvadoran actors that brought about a truce between two rival gangs in 2012.

Watch the full discussion (Spanish)

Palestine: Workshop

The Hebron and Jenin working groups organized a gathering and workshop that emphasized civic peace and will drew political attention back to the need for reconciliation.

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Rwanda: Media campaign

Interpeace partner, IRDP, hosted radio debates on the 'Role of formal and informal education.' The challenges raised during these discussions were brought to the attention of decision-makers and educators who had the opportunity to react live on radio. Radio and television spots demonstrated the role of every Rwandan in promoting peace.

Rwanda: National art competition

IRDP's 'school of debate' clubs organize an art competition each year during which they express the values and principles they have discussed in the debate clubs. This year, the national competition was attended by decision-makers, educators, members of the donor community, press and representatives of civil society organizations.

Rwanda: Celebrating in Rwamagana

The secondary school, ASPEJ, inaugurated a student-developed installation that collects rainwater. There was an experience-sharing meeting with more than 800 students and educators, in the presence of the mayor, and various local and school authorities. There was also an evening of open discussions and festivities.

Somaliland: 'Nabad' film clip

Interpeace's local partner, the Academy for Peace and Development (APD), produced and posted online a short film featuring local residents from all walks of life celebrating "nabad," the Somali word for peace.

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Somaliland: Texting campaign

Interpeace partner, SONYO, the national youth organization in Somaliland, sent out a text message on Peace Day to approximately 2.5 million people.

Puntland: 'No' to human trafficking

In conjunction with the Ministry of Youth and Labor, the Puntland Development Research Center (PDRC) organized a commemoration of Peace Day with the theme "No to Human Trafficking." Through slogans, banners and posters, PDRC emphasized to youth the dangers of human trafficking.

Timor-Leste: National workshop

Our local partner, CEPAD held a national workshop to validate the findings and further develop action recommendations from the initiative 'Supporting Women's Engagement in the Consolidation of Democracy in Timor-Leste.'

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