Constitution-making for Peace

The goal of Interpeace’s Constitution-Making for Peace Programme is to support constitution-making processes that lead to a more durable peace. The programme promotes the principles of local ownership, inclusion, gender equality, participation and transparency. It highlights options for the constitution-making process so that the process contributes to national dialogue, consensus-building, greater social and political cohesion, conflict management, reconciliation and the strengthening of democratic principles and institutions and the rule of law.

The programme supports local actors in the design and implementation of participatory and inclusive constitution-making processes. It also supports policies that promote the goals of the programme. A core element of our work on constitution-making is to promote guidance and knowledge tools that are freely accessible to constitution-making practitioners.

The Constitution-making handbook is a key resource, with comprehensive discussions about risks, opportunities and options for each phase of a constitution-making process. The handbook is available in English, French, Arabic, Ukranian,Russian and Vietnamese. In addition, the programme aims to develop networks and establish connections between constitution-making practitioners and experts.