Climate finance for sustaining peace


Roundtable Session 1: Leveraging the peace dividend of climate action in conflict-affected and fragile contexts

Roundtable Session 2: Real solutions to unlock private finance for peace and climate action

The two consecutive roundtables aim to engage practitioners and decisionmakers to jointly examine recent trends in access to climate finance ‚Äď public and private- by comparing and contrasting diverse perspectives on addressing climate-related security risks in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. The back-to-back discussions will be grounded in real-world experiences and discuss concrete, actionable policy recommendations with an aim to promote climate financing in fragile and conflict-affected areas on one hand, and to seek opportunities for peacebuilding through climate action on the other. The session will kick off with an overview of recent trends in access to public climate finance in conflict-affected and fragile contexts. The first roundtable discussion will explore the gaps and opportunities in leveraging co-benefits of finance for climate change adaptation and access to energy for peace and security including strategies for mainstreaming climate-related security risks into climate finance. The second roundtable will then focus on private finance and its opportunities and challenges in conflict-affected and fragile contexts, with a special focus on peace bonds and their potential to create bankable additionality and contribute to peace and stability. Both roundtables will also investigate which mechanisms and standards are required to incentivize and regulate investments to simultaneously promote climate resilience and peace.



Daniel Hyslop

Head of Research and Senior Peacebuilding Advisor, Interpeace

Maria van Berlekom

Head, Unit for Global Cooperation on Environment, SIDA

Neelam Melwani

Senior Policy Officer, Multilateral Affairs & Private Sector Engagement, Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Eric Hoh

Head of Liquid Alternative Investments, SEB Bank,


Abiosseh Davis

Acting Director of Policy, Learning and IPAT, Interpeace