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A Resilient Peace - Interpeace adopts a new strategy for the next 5 years

March 24, 2021
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MINUSMA supported the Gao youth's citizen engagement in the realization of a communal theater project for the relaunch of a culture of peace and reconciliation.

Interpeace has adopted a new strategy to advance peace in an increasingly volatile world.

The global health crisis that gripped the planet in 2020, and continues to do so in 2021, evidenced how Resilience, above all other attributes, can influence decisively a country’s ability to meet new and unforeseen challenges. As with a pandemic, so too with conflict.

In our Strategy 2021-2025: A Resilient Peace, we are determined to impress upon the world the need to rethink peace – how it is built, measured and funded - to position Resilience-building as our collective responsibility, and to shun fleeting solutions in favor of systemic change that will sustain peace over time.

Our strength comes from our unity of purpose as One Interpeace: a team committed to achieving greater collaboration, diversity and inclusion across geographies, cultures, genders and races. Interpeace is a collective effort of our staff, Governing Board, Advisory Council, Strategic Partners at a global level and so many local partners in the countries where we work.

We hope you will join us on this journey and bring your own energy, creativity and dedication to our collective effort to build a more resilient peace.

Scott M. Weber

Read our Strategy 2021 - 2025: A Resilient Peace