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Peacebuilding Coalition Hires Director to Launch Global Peacebuilding Campaign in 2019

January 22, 2019
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Photo credit: François Wavre for Interpeace

Madeline Rose Has Extensive Experience Making the Case for Peace

Geneva, Switzerland, January 22, 2019—The Global Peacebuilding Coalition is a new initiative created by the world’s leading peacebuilding and conflict resolution organizations. In a time of increased violence worldwide, several organizations came together to join efforts and make a global call to action for the prevention of violence and building sustainable peace. Interpeace is thrilled to join this Coalition and work with peacebuilding actors globally. We are pleased to announce Madeline Rose as the Director of the Coalition’s Campaigns and Policy. As Director, Madeline will develop and direct Coalition strategy through public, political, and policy actions to mobilize support for peacebuilding and improve global policies related to peace.

In 2016, with violent conflict at its highest level in 30 years, leaders of the world’s largest peacebuilding organizations met to discuss the urgent need to scale up approaches to peacebuilding. These leaders came away convinced to make the case for peace to the global public and policymakers through collective, outward-facing campaigns. To that end, in 2017, the Global Peacebuilding Coalition was launched, and a major grant from Humanity has strengthened the effort. This investment has paved the way for Coalition work in 2019, starting with the hire of Madeline as Director of Coalition Campaigns and Policy.

Madeline has a strong record of policy, advocacy, and movement-building, as well as deep experience in the peacebuilding field. For the past five years, Madeline served as Senior Global Advocacy Advisor and Senior Policy Advisor at Mercy Corps, where she led advocacy campaigns, as well as global and U.S. government relations on peace and conflict policy. She was the driving force behind the Global Fragility and Violence Reduction Act, which passed the

U.S. House of Representatives in November 2018, as well as a civil society negotiator on major global initiatives including Sustainable Development Goal #16 on Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions, the Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace Agenda, and the Secretary General’s Platform for Action on the Prevention of Violent Extremism. Prior to her role at Mercy Corps, Madeline built and managed a global advocacy coalition to prevent mass atrocities in the Central African Republic as lead lobbyist for the Peaceful Prevention of Deadly Conflict program at the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

As a professional staff member on Capitol Hill, Madeline played a lead role in drafting the Women, Peace, and Security Act of 2012, developed the drone warfare oversight strategy for the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and managed the Congressional Ethiopia Caucus, all while serving one of the most diverse Congressional districts in the United States. Madeline has also worked at the United Nations, developed the greenhouse gas reporting approach and Corporate Responsibility framework for a Forbes 500 technology company, and served with community- based organizations in Zimbabwe and South Africa. She has a B.A. from Occidental College in Diplomacy and World Affairs, and is a Seminar XXI U.S. National Security Fellow with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Madeline is a native of Northern California and will be based in San Francisco.


What People are Saying

“Madeline is a dynamic leader, operating at the highest levels of national and international advocacy, and is endlessly creative in her quest for more effective peacebuilding and humanitarian action. Madeline Rose will be a galvanizing force for the Peacebuilding Coalition at a critical time for mobilizing public action.”

—Melanie Greenberg, Managing Director (Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation), Humanity United


“The Peacebuilding Coalition could not have hired a more perfect person for its Director of Campaigns and Policy. Madeline is well-respected by all peacebuilding stakeholders—from global grassroots organizations to Members of Congress—and has both the passion and the skills to lead the Coalition to success.”

—Alex Toma, Executive Director, Peace and Security Funders Group


With conflict fuelling displacement at almost unprecedented levels, and with close to 2 billion people trapped in states of projected fragility, conflict and violence, there has never been a more important time to increase investment in peace-building. Having worked with Madeline for over five years and been inspired by her incredible tenacity, passion, and intelligence whilst raising awareness of the crises in Nigeria and [the Central African Republic] (amongst others), I can think of no one better to step into the role of leading the Coalition at this crucial time.”

—Simon O’Connell, Executive Director, Mercy Corps Europe


Contact Information

The Coalition’s secretariat is housed at the Alliance for Peacebuilding, the leading advocate for non-governmental organizations working for peace around the world. The Coalition’s members include the American Friends Service Committee, Conciliation Resources, the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office, the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), Humanitarian Dialogue, International Alert, Interpeace, PartnersGlobal, PAX, PeaceDirect, PeaceNexus, Saferworld, and Search for Common Ground.


For more information on the Coalition, please contact:

Sam Danello, Scoville Peace Fellow sam@allianceforpeacebuilding.org

+1 (202) 822-2047 x 214