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Announcing a new edition of the Journal of Peacebuilding

November 16, 2015
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The latest edition of the Journal of Peacebuilding is out and freely available online. This special issue, produced by the Interpeace Regional Office in Latin America, examines the concept of resilience and how a focus on society’s strengths might contribute to more effective peacebuilding.

The latest edition of the Journal of Peacebuilding is available here.

Piloting a resilience approach to peacebuilding

This opening article discusses preliminary findings and insights from Interpeace’s Frameworks for Assessing Resilience (FAR) programme which is conducting participatory research to identify existing capacities for peace in Guatemala, Liberia and Timor-Leste.

Read the full article here.

Resilience and Peacebuilding: The project in Guatemala

Mariel Aguilar, who coordinates Interpeace’s FAR project in Guatemala, provides an update, noting that the multisectoral national group that guides the work was also able to make a policy contribution in the wake of the country’s April 2015 political crisis.

The article is available here.

Four Perspectives on Resilience in Guatemala

Interpeace staff members Otto Argueta and Arnoldo Gálvez sat down with four members of the FAR Guatemala project’s national group, which includes experts and people from government and civil society. They interviewed Ivanova Ancheta, a lawyer and former deputy minister of the Ministry for Sustainable Development; Carlos Arenas, Relatives and Friends against Crime and Kidnapping; María del Carmen Aceña, of the Centre for National Economic Research and former Minister of Education; and Sergio Funes of the Research Centre for Development and Peace.

Read the article here.