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The 2014 Annual Report is out

June 26, 2015
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Photo credit: Claudia Meier for Interpeace

The latest Interpeace Annual Report, entitled Rebuilding Trust, is now available online. Featuring highlights from our programmes worldwide, this report also details the events held to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Interpeace.

The international headlines in 2014 were dominated by ongoing conflicts and eruptions of violence in many parts of the globe. Such a continuous flow of bad news – and the human suffering it conveys – can create a sense of despair and doom about the state of the world. Yet despite such a grim panorama, the 2014 Interpeace Annual Report comes with a message of hope – that trust can be rebuilt.

Some of the 2014 Highlights include:

  • Launch of the Frameworks for Assessing Resilience (FAR) pilot project in Guatemala, Timor-Leste and Liberia. This project aims to identify the sources of resilience to better understand, strengthen and tailor the peacebuilding process to each society.
  • Nationwide consultations in Mali have involved over 4,700 people from all walks of society to determine what the obstacles to peace are in the country.
  • Launch of a pilot project in Tensta, to explore whether Interpeace’s approach can be useful in addressing emerging tensions in the suburbs of Stockholm. Interpeace consulted a broad range of stakeholders to explore the opportunities and challenges facing the population of Tensta.
  • Involving sports fan clubs in violence prevention in Honduras. This initiative has enabled the mobilization of over 27,000 youth in the name of peace. Recognizing the central role played by these clubs, Interpeace is working to strengthen capacities of club leaders to address conflicts in non-violent and creative ways.
  • Launch of the Peacebuilding in Practice series. This publication aims to share innovations in peacebuilding from Interpeace’s programmes worldwide.
  • 20th Anniversary celebrations, including the publication of an anniversary journal featuring key developments in Interpeace’s peacebuilding work in Latin America. As part of the celebrations and to mark the launch of Peace Week in Geneva, an evening of debate was also organized in partnership with Intelligence Squared, the world’s premier forum for debate and discussion.

The 2014 Annual Report is available for download here