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Global crowdsourcing campaign for Peace Day launched in lead up to International Day of Peace

September 19, 2014
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Press Release
For Immediate Release

GENEVA, September 19, 2014

Today the global peacebuilding organization, Interpeace, launched the #peace campaign, its first ever global mobile campaign on peace, in partnership with the new Canadian mobile startup PlayMC2.

The campaign invites everyone to complete or create “microactions” (small acts) of peace, such as “Take a #peace selfie,” and “Take a 5 minute meditation break,” which are grouped together with the peace hashtag on the mobile application PlayMC2.

The #peace campaign was unveiled at the United Nations Office during the Geneva Peace Talks which Interpeace co-founded in conjunction with the United Nations Office at Geneva and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform.

“With the #peace campaign, we’re challenging everybody to take the lead in developing local solutions to a more peaceful world – and to share their acts of peace,” said Sarah Noble, Director of External Relations and Communications at Interpeace.

“The theme of the Geneva Peace Talks is to explore how communication plays a role in building peace around the world,” said Ms. Noble. “Launching the campaign at the Geneva Peace Talks was an opportunity to highlight how everyone has a role to play in developing a more peaceful world despite the negativity we see around us.”

PlayMC2 was launched on September 15 in 68 countries around the world in partnership with the youth empowerment organization, Global Dignity.

“Microactions are another form of communication, where people define what they believe in by what they do,” said Giovanna Mingarelli, the Co-Founder of MC2 and the Chair for Global Dignity in Canada.

“With every act of peace that we create or share, we’re supporting the development of a more peaceful world for others and ourselves.”

Interpeace was created by the United Nations in 1994 to develop innovative solutions to resolve conflict and build peace. It is active in 21 conflict zones around the world. The theme of Interpeace’s 20th anniversary is the importance of youth in building peace.

The organization invites people from around the world to participate by downloading the ‘PlayMC2’ app from iTunes or the Apple App Store and to share their acts of #peace. The campaign runs from 19 September until November 11, 2014.


Media Inquiries:

For MC2: Tim Vail, Vice-President Communications, Email: tim@mcrowdsourcing.com Phone: +1-613-668-0404

For Interpeace: Annabell Merklin, Communications Officer, Email: merklin@interpeace.org Phone: +41 79 794 76 41