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Strengthing cooperation on violence prevention in Guatemala

March 19, 2013
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Photo credit: Interpeace

At the beginning of March, Scott M. Weber, Director-General of Interpeace, met with the President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina.

The meeting gave President Pérez Molina an opportunity to become personally acquainted with the programmes that Interpeace has been implementing in the region: the Central American Youth Programme, whose purpose it is to strengthen the capacity of youth, of society in general, and of the state to address violence and its negative effects on the youth of the region; the Central American Security and Justice Programme, which seeks to enhance the capacity of Central American countries to cope with insecurity by strengthening its institutions, empowering civil society and the role it plays in defining policies, and promoting cooperation between the state and society; and the newly launched Conflict Transformation Programme.

An invaluable opportunity

The meeting between Interpeace and President Pérez Molina provided an invaluable opportunity to jointly explore possible future synergies and alliances that would consolidate Interpeace’s work in the region. “We are very encouraged by the President’s enthusiasm and support for our work on these critical issues in the region and look forward to strengthening our cooperation to help reduce violence in Guatemala and the region,” said Scott M. Weber after the meeting.

Also present at the meeting were the Minister of National Defense, Ulises Anzueto, and the Minister of the Interior, Mauricio López Bonilla; and from Interpeace Ana Glenda Tager, Regional Director for Latin America; Isabel Aguilar Umaña, Coordinator of the Central American Youth Programme; and Francisco Jiménez, Coordinator of the Central American Security and Justice Programme.