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Puntland: PDRC supports youth development

May 7, 2012
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Photo credit: PDRC

This month, the Puntland State of Somalia ratified its new constitution. Crucial to its success will be actively engaging young people in what it means to them. Why? Because today, an estimated 70% of Puntlands`s total population is under 30 years old.

Interpeace local partner in Puntland, the Puntland Development Research Center (PDRC), has joined together with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) to ensure that this sector of society understands its role in upholding stability, law and order, and lasting peace.

NDI and MOE have chosen PDRC as an implementing partner. PDRC is taking a creative approach to addressing this challenge. They are supporting a team of artists with technical assistance as they work on youth development. The PDRC team is providing their expertise to the equation so helping the youth of Puntland to understand the values of peace and democracy and why they should care.

The new programme was launched by the Minister of Education, H.E. Abdi Farah Juha ad PDRC’s Director, Abdurahman Abdulle Osman (Shuke) at the Gambol Secondary School in Garowe last week. The programme intends to help the youth appreciate the values of peace, law and order, and democratic processes of Puntland as well as to improve their language skills and cultural identity. The team will proceed to Badhan, Bosaso, Galkayo and Gardo, in the regions of Sanaag, Bari, Mudug and Karkaar, respectively to hold similar endeavors.

A documentary film is in now in production to capture the voices of this important sector of society so they can be shared in schools across Puntland.

“The objective of this programme is to encourage the youth to participate in peacebuilding, the democratization processes and appreciate good governance systems in the areas of justice and law enforcement. With this we can work towards maintaining peace and building a solid future for the younger generation,” states Shuke, the Executive Director of PDRC, Interpeace`s local partner in Puntland.