Great loss in tragic accident

October 11, 2011

On Monday, 3 October 2011, a tragic car accident caused the sad death of MP Bashir Abdiaziz Omar (Liilan) and Maryan Mohamed Abdulle (Maryan Awar) who were active members of the Steering Committee for the Decentralization Pillar of the Pillars of Peace Programme.

Besides their central role in the Steering Committee, as agents of Change and Decision-Makers, MP Bashir and Maryan held importantpublic positions in Puntland; Bashir was a member of Puntland‚Äôs House of Representative since 2004 ‚Äď a man of integrity, whereas Maryan was a senior member of WAWA (We are Women Activists) Umbrella and a long-serving educator, an outspoken advocate of human rights in general, and those of women in particular. They both strived for justice and equality to prevail in their society.

Maryan Mohamed Abdulle and MP Bashir Abdiaziz Omar
Maryan Mohamed Abdulle and MP Bashir Abdiaziz Omar

Their recent assessment mission to Pilot Districts (in the Pillars of Peace Programme ‚Äď Decentralization) of Badhan, B/Bayla, Eyl and Jarriban was short of 30 Kms to the successful completion when the vehicle they were traveling on could not make to Garowe and rolled over their last breaths.

PDRC and Interpeace managements and staffs and the members of the Steering Committees of the three Pillars of Peace Programme share the pain of losing MP Bashir and Maryan with relatives, friends and colleagues.

Article: Courtesy of PDRC