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Bringing to the forefront the Somali civil society voices of peace

December 10, 2009
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Photo credit: Ryan Anson for Interpeace

Over 150 representatives from Somali civil society are now in Mombasa, Kenya.

The aim of the five day conference is to bring to the forefront the voice of civil society in the quest for peace in Somalia. It is also to support the roles of the Somali civil society and diaspora as catalysts for positive social and economic change.

From the outset, the serious tone of the gathering reflected deep concern and outrage over the tragic suicide bomb attack at the doctors’ graduation at Shaamo Hotel in Mogadishu on 3 December 2009.

Participants include traditional leaders, representatives of the business community, women’s groups, youth groups, religious leaders, professional associations, diaspora intellectuals and opinion makers, and the media. Participants have come from the Somali region, the Horn of Africa, and beyond, reflecting the important socio-economic role of the diaspora.

This conference is a follow up to the “Entebbe I” conference held in March 2008 among Somali non-state actors and the diaspora, representing another significant step in a sustained process of civil society dialogue. Read the Entebbe I conference report and communiqué.

The subjects now being discussed in Mombasa include:

  • The role of the Somali Civil Society, Diaspora and Private Sector in peacebuilding
  • A research study on how Somalis make Peace (Peace Mapping) and policy issues arising from the forthcoming ACCORD publication
  • Community security and safety
  • Islamic principles and values
  • Local governance
  • Constitution making process
  • Challenges for institution building
  • Economic recovery
  • Public fund management
  • Regional dynamics in the Horn and the Somali crisis
  • Human rights violations and the culture of impunity
  • The severe humanitarian crisis and the suffering of the Somali people
  • And a roundtable discussion on culture, media and peace, featuring prominent cultural figures, broadcast live
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