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Interpeace shares experiences of local partnerships in Burundi

July 20, 2009
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Peace Direct’s latest publication on partnering with local NGOs looks to shed light on best practice when it comes to selecting and working with local partners for peacebuilding.

As one of the common reasons given by ‘outsiders’ for not forming equal partnerships with local people in the field is the difficulty of knowing who to work with, Peace Direct has spoken to 10 experts as it looks to tackle the issue.
Maud Roure, Interpeace’s Programme Officer for Rwanda and Burundi talks about how Interpeace sets about finding the right partner to build peace on the ground:

  • Keeping an open mind is key as no solution is the same;
  • Approaching all potential partners sensitively as support in the peacebuilding process is needed from those that are not chosen as well as the selected organisation;
  • Checking that their vision and their values fit with Interpeace – that there is an ideological match;
  • Ensuring that they are impartial and respected by all sides of the conflict;

And then finally

"…it takes time (…) to build the trust that is necessary for good collaboration."

In her role as Programme Officer, Maud is working daily to ensure that the relationship between local partners and Interpeace continues to grow and develop as Interpeace provides the necessary support to build peace on the ground.

The publication is a collection of interviews with Maud and others who have gone through the process, or observed others doing so. It shows how people have found the right partners and the way that working with these partners enables a wholly different kind of peacebuilding to develop. The work of the Interpeace partners in Burundi, Rwanda, as well as around the world, is no exception.