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FOSS signs agreement with the congress in Guatemala

December 8, 2008
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Photo credit: Ryan Anson for Interpeace

During the month of December the signing of the extension of the Collaboration Agreement between the Centro de Estudios de Guatemala , FOSS and the Congress of the Republic took place.

FOSS and security sector reform
The overall goal of the Interpeace programme in Guatemala is to support the Civil Society Organizations Forum specializing in security issues. This is so that they can work with the state on public policy and establish mechanisms for citizen control and monitoring of the security sector. Implemented with 8 partner organizations, the group acronym is FOSS.

Participants present at the signing included:

  • Lic. Arístides Crespo, the President of the Legislative Branch
  • Carmen Ortiz, FOSS coordinator
  • Lic. Juan Ramón Ruiz, FOSS representative
  • Sandino Asturias, Director, Centro de Estudios de Guatemala

Continuity featured in the remarks at the signing
Before signing the document, the President of Congress thanked FOSS for the support received in the area of security, especially concerning the assistance given to the Government, Defense, Legislation and Constitutional Commissions.  He also stated his interest in continuing the relationship.

FOSS declared its willingness to continue actively working on legislation and the principles of democratic security.

Collaboration Agreement builds on the work FOSS has been doing since 2004
The document emphasizes the need to establish discussion, consensus and approval of all legislation relating to security and justice issues that originate from the Peace Accords. It also highlights the need to focus on the technical capacity of the commissions of the Congress of the Republic with regard to security.

With the signing of the collaboration agreement the technical support and assistance which FOSS has been providing the Congress since 2004 continues.