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Highlights on security sector reform in Guatemala

November 20, 2008
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Photo credit: Sandra Sebastian

FOSS meets Minister of the Interior
The member organizations of FOSS (Forum of Social Organizations Specialized in the Field of Security), a network of civil society organisators supported by Interpeace, engaged in a working meeting with the newly appointed Minister of the Interior, Francisco Jimenez, on 8 August 2008, with a view to identify further areas and themes in which FOSS organizations could contribute to the Government efforts in promoting democratic security.

FOSS gives briefing to Guatemala Security Advisory Council
Representatives from FOSS briefed two new members of the Guatemalan Security Advisory Council (Consejo Asesor de Seguridad, CAS). As an institutional mechanism, formally created in 2004, it provides the President advice on security matters, from the perspective of civil society.

FOSS lobbies advisors and members of parliament on the Law Initiative on Weapons and Ammunition
Discussions revolved around the creation of a weapons and ammunition control and direction entity within the Ministry of Interior, a reduction in the number of weapons licenses one person can hold, a reduction in the amount of ammunition that can be acquired and a reduction in the privileges held by public civil servants to carry weapons.