Organisational objectives: 

In pursuing Interpeace’s strategic aims, all staff in all locations worldwide seek to be stronger as a “One Interpeace” team: to be inclusive, to embrace and celebrate diversity, to be united and to be supportive of each other. Interpeace staff also aim to strengthen the linkages and coherence of programmatic, policy and operational efforts; to strengthen and diversify the supporting resource base; to lift the organisation’s profile and impact, adapting to change in the global communications and media landscapes; and to achieve best-in-class standards of accountability and governance and percolating these standards to partners to the greatest extent possible.

Selected highlights from 2023 include:

  • The organisation supported the Governing Board in the appointment of a new President of Interpeace following an open, competitive and international search and recruitment process, as well as managing the transition period.
  • The organisation supported the Governing Board in its continued efforts to lift its corporate governance, including the implementation of outcomes arising from a performance self-evaluation, and the continued evolution of board membership (currently a diverse and representative board of six men and four women).
  • A joint convening of the Governing Board and Advisory Council occurred with the support of the City of Geneva, to explore the strained global context for conflict, peace and multilateralism, and to develop practical responses by Interpeace.
  • An impact measurement framework, developed in 2022, began to be used in 2023 which enables Interpeace to be more deliberate, transparent and evidence-based about the nature of its peacebuilding impact.