Espérance Amani – Burundi


Espérance Amani is a Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Youth Leader and Young Innovator at the Great Lakes Youth Lab programme, under the mentorship of Centre d’Alerte et de Prévention des Conflits (CENAP) in Burundi. Amani’s dedication to education is evident as she collaborates with Forces Unies des Partenaires pour Développement Durable (F.U.P.D.D), advocating for the education of vulnerable children to foster sustainable community development in Burundi. Beyond her commitment to education, Amani is a young multitalented individual whose uses poetry and jewellery making to advocate for peace and educate the youth in the Great Lakes region.

Her passion for the education of vulnerable kids and women’s empowerment started during her high school years, and she continued her impactful journey by volunteering with Burundi Friends International as an English teacher from 2013 to 2019. As an Alumnae of YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa and the Executive Secretary of Tabitha Community in Action Burundi, she believes that education is the key to sustainable development.

She dreams to see all kids getting opportunities to education and every woman being sustainably financially independent. She uses her talents to raise awareness of mental health because she strongly believes that education requires a peaceful mind.