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Building bridges: Strengthening peacebuilding infrastructure to improve resilience for peace

Interpeace has partnered with Youth Without Borders for Development (YWBOD), a Yemeni peacebuilding organization, to pursue a joint project that is based on the premise that peace-enhancing and sustainable outcomes can be achieved by building the capacity of Civil Society Organisations and young people to contribute to strengthening resilience and by building a credible basis of evidence of community-based resilience.

The joint programme seeks to place a focus on fostering the potential of young people to influence conflict resolution in positive and practical ways, and by connecting this knowledge to decision-makers.

Using the participatory approaches, Interpeace and YWBOD is conducting a series of capacity-building courses with CSOs’ as well as Yemeni youth initiatives who will conduct evidence-based research and implement community resilience activities in Aden and Taiz.

As such, the initiative aims to inform and equip a diverse range of community-level actors to participate in local peacebuilding processes and strengthen resilience to peace, focusing on what works rather than solely on divisive issues.





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